After honing my craft in advertising and marketing, I rekindled my passion and reconnected with the reason I had attended filmschool in the first place: to write and direct movies. Over the years, through the good and bad, I've managed to find my voice and distinctive style, and win a few awards along the way. I am currently working on my first feature film, and continue to forge collaborations.


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Sweet Candy Short Film directed by yilmaz vurucu
Sweet Candy
Austria, 2017

"You're listening now, aren't you," says a cold and nearly unconscious Andreas Wagner, over his live broadcast. Social media seems to have offered him a voice, transforming him into an unlikely Internet phenomenon when it least matters.

Official Selections:  Vasteras Film Festival, Sweden  I  Four Seasons Film Festival, London, U.K. I Trenton Film Festival, N.J.,U.S.A.   I  Cluj Short Film Festival, Cluj, Romania  I  WAG Film Festival, Italy  I Chennai Film Fest., India I Cefalu Film Festival, Italy I  Front Range Film Festival, U.S.A. I  Manifesto Film Festival, Holland I NEO International Film Festival, U.S.A. I CPIFF Istanbul, TURKEY I Istanbul Short Film Festival, Turkey I InShort Film Festival, Nigeria I Austria Independent Film Festival, Vienna, Austria I OderKurz-Filmspektakel, Germany I Sunback Film Festival, Kansas City, U.S.A. I Petaluma Film Festival, U.S.A. I Corte Nero Shorts Film Competition, Naples, Italy

Awards: Best Short Film, Cinema Awards/Canada (2017) 

North Carolina Film Award/USA (2018)

REMI Award, 51st Annual Houston Film Festival/USA (2018)

Austria, 2014

In a bleak dystopian future ruled by multinational corporations, unraveling the “ultimate truth” has become an obsession for a paranoid Mani Haruplex.

The Sea in Me
Turkey/Holland/Austria, 2012

The history, culture and lifestyle of the residents of Sinop, a small fishing town on the Black Sea coast, is being being threatened by rapid and unplanned urbanization, increasing rates of migration, and ecological instability.

Austria, 2011

A young middle eastern couple escape the turmoil of their homeland and end up in a European metropolis. Oblivious to the realities of their new setting, constructing a new life seems within reach, even if it does require hard work and a few sacrifices.

Official Selections: Taratsa Film Festival/Greece  I  Austrian Independent Film Festival/Austria I Eidolon Film Festival/France  I  Qabila Film Festival/Egypt    Klappe Film Awards/Austria   MICA Film Festival/Brazil

Clean Shorts Film Festival/U.S.A.  I  Goa Film Festival/India

Official Selections:  Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival/U.S.A.   Arquiteturas Film Festival/Portugal  I NWTS Open Air Film Festival/Georgia    Budapest Architecture Film Festival/Hungary   

Movies in Wonderland/FrameOut Film Festival/Austria 

Opuzen Int.Film Festival/Croatia   Voices from the Waters/Sweden & India 

Dr. Zack
Canada, 2010

Zack (seven years old) has stolen a book on medicine with the goal of curing his abusive father. The book thrusts him into a fantasy world, filled with definitions, symptoms and cures, while his mentor (Dr. Zack) guides him along the path to becoming a “great doctor”.

Official Selections:  Marbella International Film Festiva /Spain

Independent Days Film Festiva, Karlsruhe, Germany 

World Kids International Film Festival, Mumbai, India

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