Expertise to craft your campaign

I boast over 15 years of international experience producing and creating campaigns and content.

​In other words, I know how to craft your message into videos and campaigns that will be sure to attract the attention of your target groups through suggestive visuals,, persuasive text,  and repetitive exposure. I offer custom-tailored solutions to maximize exposure and brand recognition.

Here are some examples of my most recent work, as well as my various demo reels, diverse in range, style and budget. 

Commercial demo reel
A collage of my most recent commercial work. Includes snippets from social media campaigns, marketing videos, music videos, and advertising campaigns.
Film reel
Telling stories has always been my passion. Nothing compares to the rush you get upon projecting your work of passion on the silver screen. I'm proud of my films and the numerous accolades I've picked up along the way.
EspressoMobil-social media campaign
Upon seeing my work, EspressoMobil contacted me and said "we want that too!" We created different versions of this campaign for each platform (Instagram, facebook, twitter etc.) And I have to confess: I might've had a few cups of java too many during the production-which would also explain the fast paced style of this series!
URBACT campaign
I created a comprehensive campaign for URBACT, promoting gender equal city planning. The campaign consisted of an image video, social media quotes, memes, and short interviews airing over various social media.
OE24 APP Spot
OE24 TV wanted to promote it's flashy new news app, so I created this unique spot. The message is quite simple:  Just log on, and be up to date, anywhere, anytime. In hindsight, I wouldn't recommend looking at your screen while walking, but that shouldn't distract you from the message :)
EspressoMobil-Happy Holidays!
Nothing captures the spirit of the holiday season like drones of Santa's driving Espresso carts through the Viennese city center. The campaign was made for facebook as well as Instagram.
LUNA-Das Musical
The musical theater play "LUNA" was coming to town, and we created this magical, poetic piece for it.

There's more awesomeness. Browse through below.